Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goodness gracious.

I am so beat at this moment in time. If you've ever felt like you are glued to the floor through your bed that's about where I'm at right now. I'm waiting for Bryan to get off so he can come home (I call it home, and I wish it was one place, but sadly it's just my apartment) and I will make him dinner. I was going to go for taco salad (he said that sounded good a few days ago) or pasta (see blog on how quick and easy I think pasta is) but even those simple meals seem daunting right now. (now, before you judge me, realize that it is one in the morning and Bryan won't be getting home from work till 1:30, 1:45.) the plan is stove top stuffing. Now, I haven't had stuffing in eons, but the total prep time is under 8 minutes. At 1 in the morning? That's what I like to hear.

Awesome. I just did a crazy cat like strech while laying on my bed, and accidentally knocked a random box of small noisy junk to the floor. To those of you who have not realized it yet, I am a chronic pack rat, with a knack for clutter and an aversion to organization. I just love saving everthing, inhopes that someday I will use those sweet pretty colored paper clips in some new exciting way, or that someday I will find the perfect item to decopage with all the cool snipits of pictures I clip off of trader Joe bags. However, until those elusive days shine their bright happy faces at me, I am stranded 'midst boxes of stuff that end up on my bed cause I was searching for a loose new contact that I will inevitably knock over at some point and be to drained to pick up. Anyways.

Bryan just texted me, I think he might be on his way question mark? It was a very elusive text, I'm not sure if I want to peel myself up and prepare stuffing just quite yet. He did say that we should have aca taco, and that means I would just have to lay here until he rang my doorbell.... No. I went grocery shopping and we need to take advantage of it. We have a tendancy of never making food, and I blame it mostly on the hours we keep and how little we see each other--we don't want to waste our quality time on too much cooking. However, eating out all the time is A. Very expensive B. Making us chubby and C. Downright lazy. We have made dinner every night this week and I refuse to break the trend even if dinner is merely stuffing. It's hard to get gourmet when you can barely prop your eyes open. However, simple is sometimes the best, who knows? Maybe I'll get fancy and sprinkle cheese on top or something, cheese makes everything better. For reals. It does.

Taking care of Bryan has actually got to be one of my favorite hobbies. Whether it's wiping bloody drool off his chin or keeping him company when he's working, I love doing things that are going to make him happy / make him feel better. He's been through quite a bit in the past few weeks, and although I can't stand the thought of him in pain / being sick, it's given me so many chances to spend time with him and take care of him. I think that's why the most, it's been so nice just to be with him all the time BEFORE 12:30 that any reason that I get to is fine by me and most welcome. Wisdom teeth? No biggie. Random hives he got? Totally awesome. Just more excuses for him to get to hang out at home, and me with him.
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Laurie M. said...

StoveTop stuffing is wonderful. And you're right cheese makes everthing better.

We're praying for you and Bryan.

Ashley said...

Yep, cheese makes ANYTHING better. Did you get a new phone?

Augie said...

Oh man!!!
Someone said cheese. I'm there.

Just got down on some pepperjack. My life is awesome.
Yours is too.
God's a cool dude. I like the way he works things.
And not just cause of the pepperjack.