Saturday, June 6, 2009

My first batch of line-dryed clothes

I always promised myself I would never do this. I never took into account the fact that I might live in a house so old that it doesn't have the right wirering for a dryer.
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My galaxie 8015

Check it out. Today I was driving home from a failed mission at dmv (they are closed on saturdays. Who knew?) and decided to stop by that creepy thrift store on 14th and park? Broadway? I don't know, whatever that main street is. Anyways, had never been in there (cause it looked creepy) but for some reason I stopped today. Lo and behold, they were having a special 50% off everything sale. I walk in, and the first thing I saw was this sweet sewing machine for $20. Which means that I just scored a brother galaxie 8015 for $10. I hope it works.
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