Monday, September 8, 2008

Bryan Gumpy is sick again.

Now he has some ridiculous rash and flu-like symptoms. Not fun at all. It seems like the both of us have been getting sick/tooth-hurty/in some pain a lot in the past couple of months. Sooooo not fun. However, Bryan being sick is a superb reason to make dinner once again. I'm gonna be honest with every one out there, I am burnt out on my diet of Aca Taco, KFC, Mi Pueblito, Taco Bell, and Jon and Bonnes. I have put on a sufficient amount of winter weight and then some. It's time to Buckle down and start taking the time to plan out lunches and dinners and going to the grocery store. We waste so much money and are both getting chubby eating food that is just not good for us in the slightest. After I got off work tonight, I called Bryan (who's been glued to the couch all day) and tried to figure out what to get us for dinner. Nothing, nothing was sounding appetizing, cause all I am used to eating is gross fast food. He would come to no decision, he said his head hurt too much to think, so it was up to me. I could do no wrong as long as he got some dinner. I ran accross the street to WinCo and started wandering. I picked up stuff to make one of Bryan's favorite foods...

I got back to Bryan and Bryan's apartment to the sounds of Madden for X-box. Now, the only video games I have ever shown intrest in are Super Mario 3 for the original Nintendo and Guitar Hero, just because it's awesome. Oh, and Minesweeper, but that's on a computer. Anyways, I did not mind at all hopping in the kitchen and whipping up some dinner. Well, nothing was really whipped and I wasn't really hopping either, but bear with me. I got the components for pepperjack turkey sandwhiches on oatnut bread. Mmm, mm good. And easy. Bryan ate and was happy (with a purple splotchy face) I have lunch for tomorrow and the world at large is happy.

Wow. They're still playing Madden.

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