Wednesday, March 11, 2009

possible twist in the attempted murder trial

last night as Bryan and I were sleeping, something very odd occurred. I kept hearing little rodent scratches, but as i was sleeping I assumed that Chub-chub was just being noisier than usual in his cage. Hamsters are nocturnal, right? I must just be going crazy. I am, but apparently it wasn't related. There was a hamster crawling on us as we slept. He was running back and forth along my side of the bed, in all kinds of crazy hamster fashion. Down to my feet, up to my head and amongst the pillows, back under the pillows over my head down to my feet ... Kind of a stressful thing to wake up to; the delusional half-sleep-half-wake-eyes-closed-eyes-open-creepy-crawly-this-better-be-chub-chub-or-i'll-scream feeling is never a pleasant one at two in the morning. Trying to catch a wayward hamster isn't very entertaining, either, when its dark and cold and you don't know whats going on. I caught him, but couldn't convince Bryan to put him back in his cage.

"I don't know how to get in there!"
"well you're on the outside. That's part of the sleeping on the outside rules!"

So I did it. Stupid Chub-chub had managed to UNSCREW the top to his space-needle like pod, get out somehow, climb down from on top of the TV and get into bed with us. I don't, dear audience, think you understand the gravity of him unscrewing the lid to his pod. That's like you lifting off the roof of your house so you could go to the bounce house next door, WITH YOUR BARE HAMSTER HANDS!

Geez. This guys a maniac.


Auntie Cindy said...

ok I had a hamster named Blondie. One night much like yours about 2 am I felt a tickling on my nose. It kept tickling so I finally swatted at it. I heard a loud thunk and a small hamster squeek. I stunned him by swatting him against the wall in my sleep. This guy did the same as yours, traveled from Missy and Megans room and wanted to play with my nose at 2am. the only solution was to purchase a glass aquarium, a screen framed top and placing two bricks on top of the screen to keep Blondie from adventuring out of his domain. Oh by the way, the girls door was shut and blondie sheredded the carpet under the door to facilitate his escape to my bedroom. Call me, we can talk!

Ginger said...

you guys crack me up