Friday, February 6, 2009

i didn't forget about you, i promise.

ok, maybe i did. i haven't been on my blog since december 16th. shame on me. hey, in my defence, i've been busy. planning a wedding, quitting my job, spray painting sticks. it's a hard life.

Bryan and i found a house to live in after we get married. it's cute, very little but we'll make it work. we moved him in a few days ago, and it's starting to come together. we need shelves more than anything else. shelves and cubbords and bookcases. maybe i'll build some with the table saw we have in the back. (*?*) good question. i don't know.


Ashley said...


Laurie M. said...

We didn't forget you either. We're looking forward to seeing your little house. If we ever have any extra bookshelves, we'll let you know ---HA!!

Seriously though, check out the ARC from time to time. They get all kinds of stuff like that.